Soloman Schultz Essay

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My Great-great Grandfather, Soloman Schultz, was part of a huge historical event that impacted my family and its history significantly. Along with two million Russian-Jews, Soloman Schultz left Russia to get away from anti-Jewish rioters called Pogroms. In 1903 when Soloman Schultz lived in Russia, the second wave of pogroms arose. Pogroms are most often present during periods of political crisis in a country to escape punishments or penalties from their actions (Modern, AICE). A pogrom is an outbreak of mass violence directed against a minority religious, ethnic, or social group (Modern, AICE). In 1903 in Russia, there were groups made up of Christians that had organized massacres and riots against Jews. The organization of the Pogroms was led by monarchist societies, and a group known as the Black Hundreds was the main organizer (Modern, AICE).
The Pogroms’ motive towards harming Jews was caused by the Russia government and its encouragement of anti-Semitism with propaganda. The Russian government gave the Russians a free hand to engage in anti-Jewish incitement (Modern, AICE). The first of the incitements against Jews was an attack on Passover of 1903, which left 45 Jews dead, hundreds wounded, and 1,500 Jewish
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From doing this project, I learned an extraordinarily amount of information that I would have never known. I learned some fascinating information, especially about Joseph Schultz, who was the attaché to the emperor of Japan and dedicated his life to educating. One big thing that I took away from this project was the story of my great-great grandfather, Soloman, who escaped anti-Jewish rioters by coming to the U.S. That is a story that I will definitely never forget and a story that I will pass on to the Miller future generations. The achievements of my ancestors shocked me from doing this project, and I hope to do the same when someone years from now does this project about
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