Solution Focused Brief Therapy And Its Goals

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This paper defines the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and its goals, strategies and techniques. This approach focuses on individuals devising solution for problems rather than solving problems. Solution building is a collaborative effort between therapy and client. SFBT concentrates on the clients’ strengths and resources and belief that the therapist is not the expert but rather client is the expert. SFBT was developed by Steve De Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg and their team at the Brief family Therapy Center in Milwaukee doing the 1970’s. This approach is directed for immediate relief from a problem using a range of techniques such as; the miracle questions, pretherapy change, exception questions, summary feedback and scaling questions. The desire of this approach is for the therapist and client to form a partnership in order to create personal meaningful goal that will guide the therapy process in a short period of time. Attention is mainly given to affirm what the client is doing and what the client and working that will lead to a better future. The central concept of SFBT is a movement from talking about problems to talking about and creating solution. Therapy is kept simple and brief. Key Words; Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Psychotherapeutic Technique, Goals Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is solution building as oppose to problem solving. It is a Post Modern psychotherapy, alternative to pre Freudianism psychoanalysis. The client and the therapist work in
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