Solution Focused Therapy Essay

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2. In Solution Focused Therapy, there are three types of therapist-client relationships which can exist during session, explain these relationships. In the modern era of managed health care systems, brief work or a limited number of sessions prevails as the preferred standard for outpatient psychotherapy. In consideration of having a short window of time to develop rapport and therapeutic alliance, it is essential that therapists expeditiously determine buy-in and commitment before shifting into the therapy work, especially with couple’s therapy. It is not uncommon for one partner to attend couples’ therapy at the behest of their significant other. Consequently, their level of engagement and commitment may differ from that of the other …show more content…

Within the Solution-Focused framework, having an understanding of the transtheorectical …show more content…

Visitors often present with hostility, if not reluctance. The cordial approach reduces tension and defensiveness and may lead to increased engagement, buy-in, and exploration. Depending on the level of engagement, a therapist may suggest to a visitor to “consider” the problem or provide education. In a complainant relationship, particularly when there is a lack of accountability, the response continues with compliments and acceptance of their viewpoint. Tasks and homework are limited to observation to increase insight and exploring exceptions to the presented complaint. Change at this stage may be invoked by leveraging the hesitance and prescribing the client “go slow”. This subtle prodding continues consideration of potential solutions. Finally, with customer relationships, the most therapeutic work is accessible. Therapists have more latitude to be more directive and prescribe involved homework

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