Solutions to Communication Problems

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Solutions to Communication Problems
Organizations and institutions are bound to suffer from severe communication problems from time to time. It is widely accepted that communication constitutes the lifeblood of any organization and, therefore, any organization that experiences a breakdown in communication is not likely to live very long since numerous problems will arise that will ultimately cripple the organization and cause it to die (Carpentier 64). Therefore, according to Alper, Dean, and Kenneth, it is important that no effort be spared in resolving organizational conflicts and communication problems as soon as possible (636). Through proper communication skills, solutions can be found. This
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Therefore, it is important to listen to understand, repeat information for clarification, respect others and accept that what other persons are saying are true of themselves, and establish a point of consensus (Martin 353). Persuasion has also been cited as a solution to communication problems. Conrad defines persuasion as a symbolic process in which the communicator attempts to sway the audience to change their behaviors or attitudes concerning an issue by communicating a message in an environment of free choice (107). Conrad further notes that persuasion entails building a connection with individuals, establishing exactly what they want or need, and finding ways of delivering the said needs. In this manner, people become persuaded that they have the opportunity to get what is important to them. Another solution to communication problems frequently cited in literature is the use of mediators, ombudspersons, arbitrators, or other conflict resolution specialists (Katz, and Linda 394). Rosenberg and Riane suggest that if the problem cannot be settled, then it is important that conflict resolution specialists be involved (109). They further note that when in the course of communication, the other part refuses to heed counsel or listen, direct confrontation may worsen the situation and, therefore, it is important to involve someone with a knowledge of the situation to act
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