Solving The Process Of Creating The Tool Essay

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3.0 Problems In the Process of Creating the Tool We encountered a lot of problems during the process of doing the project, mainly in three perspectives. First is the lack of coding ability, none of us had prior coding experience before and the only Excel knowledge we know is what TAs taught us in the lab. This problem branched off into many other problems such as disrupting the efficiency of the team because the critical path was delayed at times. All these problems also related back to the original plan because of our infinite view of the problem in the beginning. The big mistake was not taking into account the constraints in the very beginning of the project. Instead of focusing on the constraints, we focused on the basic needs and we focused too much on what we wanted the final product to look like assuming that we all had the capability to code whatever we wanted to. In the beginning, we only need to use simple Excel functions to create our tool which was within our capabilities; however, with the increase of the requirement, we had to use more complex functions and create our own function by VBA to satisfy the higher requirement for our tool. This problem roots back to the original plan. Due to the fact that we planned the functions of the tool without researching and analysing our constraints in coding. In the beginning we thought that the functions planned were realistic and within our abilities because there were enough resources online to help us. However as time

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