Somalia's History of Hunger, Violence and Distress Essay

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Somalia is a country which has gone through an extreme time of hunger, violence and distraught. In the early 1990’s Mohammed Siad Barre leader of Somalia was removed forcibly from power by a union of opposing clans called the United Somalia Congress which, their temporary alliance and partnership soon came to an end dividing the United Somalia Congress into two groups. Mohammed Farah Aidid led one of the groups; Ali Mahdi led the other. The Somalia Civil War between clans consequently destroyed Somalia’s agriculture. With little to no food the Somali militias’ Commanders/Leaders retained power of Somalia by taking control over food supplies. Food was seized and exchanged for weapons with other countries. In addition, a numerous percentage …show more content…

Somalia guerillas/militia gained tactical advantages by carefully studying the US strategies such as response of air support time lines along with fighting in their own terrain. They also used irregular warfare to their advantage such as making it highly difficult and impossible for the TFR to identify exactly whom the enemy was due to them “enemy combatants” blending in with the civilian population. At the same time they would vastly recruit throughout the city boys and men on command. Logical Lines of Operation The Somalis destroyed and obstructed roads/paths, or put obstacles making it tremendously difficult for US troops to surpass given the fact that they were poorly prepared for such small ally, suburb terrain. By doing this, they manipulated the US military convoys in such tactics of barricading them. They succeeded by forcing US troops to proceed in a direction where they would be vulnerable be attack by small armed fire. TFR was sent on a mission to capture Aidid. This attempt was failed due to once again lack of intelligence. The U.S. were very well observed, Somalis formed an immediate counter fight gathering hundreds of Aidid followers and forming armed-civilian soldiers who consisted of men, women and children. This was an operation intended to last 90 minutes but in reality lasted 17 hours. Unfortunately, the US troops took a tremendous toll of over 100 casualties. This

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