Some Of The Things We See Our Everyday Life Like Movies

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Shawn Scott Professor Stief English 1302.707 22 April 2017 Title Some of the things we see in our everyday life like movies, television shows, or commercials depict different stereotypes of men. Men are depicted to be people who are careless, make stupid mistakes, are self-centered, independent, and strong. They bring the money home and support the family, and the stars of the show but are often incapable of solving the simplists of problems. In these examples there are many times women in the background that hold everything together. These ideas can shape expectations and can be influential to young viewers. Men in most movies are depicted as the bad guys. In all movies, with the exception of superhero movies, men are the ones that do…show more content…
In the movie Friday Night Lights Boobie Miles makes sure that he is glorified over everyone else on his team. Miles was the type of guy that would do anything and everything to get people’s eyes on him.In one scene the Panthers were beating a team really bad and as it got toward the end of the game, the coach wanted to put in the second string running back. Boobie could not have this so he hid the other running back’s helmet so the coach would have no choice but to keep Boobie in the game. This movie makes it seem that if you are not an athlete you are lesser of a person. Young people could take the concept of a team as unimportant because of this movie. The film would promote the idea that it is only up to one’s self to have success and not the other individuals on the field. Being an athlete could also become an excuse for getting away with things. In Friday Night Lights Boobie Miles uses the fact that he is a really good athlete to take advantage of things he would not be able to get away with if he was not a popular football player in his town. One thing that he does try to get away with is not doing any school work. Younger viewers could get the idea from this movie that by being an athlete, you can get away with things you should not get away with and gain the power to treat individuals poorly. Guys, in television shows, are also depicted to be worry free and careless, and

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