Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience By William Blake Analysis

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Songs of Innocence and of Experience is the foundation of the work of one of the greatest. English poets and artists. The two sets of poems reveal what William Blake calls “the two contrary states of the human soul.” In both series, he offers clues to deeper meanings and suggests ways out of the apparent trap of selfhood, so that each reading provides greater insight and understanding, not only to the poems but also to human life. Throughout this poem, the logic of this poem favors experience rather than innocence since in most of the poem , because purity is has little durability and is temporary but experience is permament and strong causing people to learn acceptance and adapt to reality. The light apparently returns again in …show more content…

The speaker urges the other boys to continue with their work, “So if all do their duty, they need not fear harm.”. Songs of Experience reveals that this acceptance of society as it is and belief in a caring God is naïve. This series does not begin with joy in a pastoral landscape, as does Songs of Innocence, but instead the “Introduction” is spoken with “the voice of the Bard . Who Present, Past, & Future, sees” and who describes a fallen world with a “lapsed Soul . weeping in the evening dew.” In the next poem, “Earth’s Answer,” the earth itself asks to be released from the chains of jealousy and fear. “The Clod and the Pebble” presents two views of love, the clod finding the experience selfless and giving, the pebble stating that love is selfish and restricting.
The child in “London” has parents, but is more bitter than the orphan of the “innocence” “Chimney Sweeper,” because he is intelligent enough to recognize what is being done to him. His response, coupled with that of the accepting adult in the “innocence” version of “Holy Thursday,” show that the sour viewpoint of the “experience” poems is not a result of obtaining wisdom by growing older. Some children are able to see the larger truth; some adults never perceive it. Intelligence and circumstance cause

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