Sophomo Year Case Study

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With the whole support from my dad, I went to Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia, U.S.A for a better education. It didn’t take me too long to realize a bitter truth that it either I quickly adapted to the environment or I will be ashamed to the family. The only person I can depend on was myself: no mom holding my hands neither another countryman. I failed the majority of my classes, neither could form a structured sentence. Regardless English is not my native language, but I still want to be upheld as a regular American standard. By studying countless hours and ask for help from my beloved teachers, I become proficient in English. In my Sophomore year, the President presented me the highest overall GPA award among my peers. Nonetheless,…show more content…
My dad owned a mattress company and he ran into the same issue. The benefits of introducing a product are obviously one: more market means more people to sell to and more revenue our company able to make, bring the expansion of the company to another level. After a period of critical thinking and observation, three weakness need to be resolved. We must understand the market thoroughly. Find the right way and the right people to hatch. Entering a new market is no different to enter a battle, there’s also other predators we must be aware of. Just as all battles go, only the stronger, more endurance, more flexibility and uphold immutable commitment will…show more content…
First of all, I met numerous people have no idea what they want in life; all they want is to party. I truly believe in growing, I must surround by the growth one. Base on U.S news, Haas was ranked among the top business school program for high school during the summer. So far, what I understand about the business world only in theory. Come to the program, I hope I can cultivate my knowledge on economic and put it into action. In this 2 immensely weeks, I will obtain the foundation of developing a business. The program will teach me book-keeping, group management, marketing, advertising, negotiation, effective communication, and leadership – all skills an entrepreneur must possess in order to be successful. Through the collaboration with a selective group of 50 people that has the similar backgrounds, or common interests as me, I shall expand my connection network, and gradually maturing in speaking and thinking as a businessman. The program will also provide me copious opportunities to seek suggestions, wisdom, enlightenments from guest speakers and professors from one of the most famous business schools nationwide are unquestionably worth every penny. Not to mention, I will also receive a UC Berkeley Business Academy for Youth Certificate of Completion on my transcript for college, increasing my chance to get into a great business school. I’m aware of formidable obstacles in front of me, however, I will always to do the
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