Soren Kierkegaard And The Existentialist Philosophy

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2. The Existentialist philosophy, started by Soren Kierkegaard, focuses on self-directed education, finding answers within yourself. Students are not graded because all standards come from themselves. This philosophy emphasizes freedom of choice and mind, and that authentic creative thinking leads to true learning experiences (Cohen). The teacher helps students find their passions and understand who they are. Existentialism has never become prevalent in schools because it is difficult to apply in an academic setting.
Essentialism is the opposite of Existentialism. Based on the studies of William Bagley, Essentialism emphasizes core subjects, particularly math, natural science, history, language, and literature. It is academically
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Although each philosophy stresses different things, they have commonalities as well. Essentialism and Perennialism emphasize preserving the past, whereas Progressivism, Existentialism, and Social Reconstructivism focus on developing students and society in the present. Perennialism and Essentialism have teacher-centered classrooms with fixed curriculum. William Bagley, the founder of Essentialism, held that, “Our culture has a core of common knowledge that should be transmitted to students in a systematic, disciplined manner (Parkay).” Most often, lecture style is used in Essentialist and Perennialist classrooms. However, Progressivism, Existentialism, and Social Reconstructivism are student-centered, focused on active learning. This curriculum fluctuates based on student interest and culture. These three philosophies implement exploration and problem-solving (Diehl).
We want to provide children freedom of intelligence. Outward physical freedom encourages active engagement from the student, which also increases intellectual freedom. Including movement in activities works toward students’ physical health and mental well-being. This contributes to developing the whole student (Dewey 63). On the other hand, freedom can lead children to be rash and out of control. Setting up strong boundaries and a disciplinary plan contribute to a positive learning atmosphere. During my
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