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My first source I found using EBSCOhost and the academic search premier. Using terms such as cyber, cybercrime, cyber security, and multiple terms commonly associated with hacking I was able to find a fairly informative list of tips for helping to protect yourself from the criminals out to get you on the internet. My second source I found on Opposing Viewpoints in Context, which goes into detail about identity theft along with the different methods used by internet criminals to target individuals. My third source I found on Opposing Viewpoints in Context as well searching through the computer crime page which provides information on how to make sure your staying safe with your emails. My last source is also from Opposing Viewpoints in …show more content…

Commercials for services to protect individuals from identity theft are fairly prevalent and can be seen on television and on the internet, warning users to protect themselves, sometimes even using the fear of your life being ruined to persuade you to use their product. The author for this article is Chris Swecker, the former Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who now works as an Attorney and a Consultant for Security, Financial Crimes, Cyber Crimes, and Corporate Espionage, while also being the Chairman for the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission. I believe this article is very credible as it is written with someone who was once in the FBI and likely has access to a large variety of credible sources. Although the year this article was published was 2009, so it is a bit older than other information you may find on the topic. I still believe that the information provided has value to it for the purpose of my speech in informing on the dangers of cybercrime. For my second source I used an article written by a Tom Regan, a media consultant for J-Lab, the institute for Interactive journalism. I believe he is fairly credible, but not necessarily an expert on staying safe on the internet, seeing as he became victim to a phishing scam in the first place. He provides his experience with being “Phished” even though he was aware of the dangers of these types of scams. He goes into detail

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