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South Africa is known to be successful after the Apartheid but it really wasn’t. The South African Revolution also known as the time of the Apartheid took place during 1908-1994. It was a long struggle for the Africans, which included riots, protests, segregation and physical pain. During the period of the Apartheid, blacks were not treated with equal respect to the whites. They weren’t allowed to vote, hold office and the children couldn’t go to school with whites. It was a horrific time for blacks, but they were able to get through it. Blacks were fired from their jobs and given to whites. The South Africans could not even hold a job and they wouldn’t be able to earn any money to support their family. Nelson Mandela did change their…show more content…
Nelson Mandela was the president after the Apartheid ended, he was known has the amazing man who created a democracy for South Africa but he didn’t do much to help the citizens. Crimes and the amount of murders went up and nothing was done to stop it. South Africa was overpopulated, which made it easier for people to rob others due to the small amount of space between each other. Even though crime and education was unsuccessful, Nelson Mandela creating a democracy for South Africa, undoubtfully helped the people live in a equal and free country. Despite the fact that South Africa had to create a better learning environment and their crime rate must decrease, Nelson Mandela established a democracy, which furthered South Africa’s government. In the beginning of Nelson Mandela’s career, he was a political activist assisting the Youth League of the African National Congress in 1944. Mandela wasn’t a loud and violent activist, but after the Sharpeville massacre, he was arrested due to specific targeting. Nelson Mandela was released in 1990 and negotiated with the President at the time. President F.W de Klerk. All Nelson Mandela wanted to do was release South African’s from their misery. It is appropriate to say that South Africa needed to revamp their education system and law enforcement, however since Mandela was able to create a democracy for South Africa by fighting the Apartheid laws. “Mandela and de Klerk were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for

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