Southwest Airlines Expanded Beyond The Border Essay

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WHY SOUTHWEST AIRLINES EXPANDED BEYOND THE BORDER Southwest Airlines, while an incredibly successful business, eventually made the decision to make the dive into the international market. This decision was made on a variety of factors such as opportunity, overfares, diversifying, and Southwest Airline 's own flattening growth on the domestic front. In the world of business it 's a dog eat dog world. Competition is fierce and a lot of the time opportunities need to be created as opposed to be taken advantage of. Southwest Airlines managed to do both of these at the same time due the type of business they run as a value added business. Southwest Airlines took their business and its low cost strategy to make opportunities. One such opportunity that is referenced comes from an article written on called 'Southwest Airlines adds new Mexico flights from Bay Area ' quotes the Port of Oakland 's aviation director Bryan Francis, “said that Los Cabos, in particular, 'is the most requested international destination from the East Bay and North Bay that does not have a non-stop option. '”. Southwest Airline 's has seized upon this request and has sought out government approval to fly between Oakland and Los Cabos. This is not an opportunity that was created by Southwest Airlines, but an opportunity which was created by the lapse in coverage by the rest of the airlines who fly from those airports. This is the exact type of lapse that creates opportunities for

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