Southwest Airlines Innovation : Southwest

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Southwest Airlines Innovation
Southwest Airlines began its humble beginnings in 1966 as a commuter airline serving three cities in Texas: Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The problem they saw at hand was, airline travel was sluggish, expensive and full of features that most people did not really want or care about. They had a belief that every person who wants to travel, should be able to, without worrying about the cost. The company’s foundation was not only to have fast, low cost, no-frills service, but to follow the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you” (Biblegateway, 1993). Rollin King, M. Lamar Muse and Herbert D. Kelleher believed in treating the “customers and employees with excellence” (Chester, 2005). Although other airlines would say they also follow the Golden Rule when it comes to service, they have to wonder why they are not as successful and profitable as Southwest. The answer is probably a combination treating others with excellence and their innovative business model. “While many airlines place a heavier weight on amenities and comfort, Southwest Airlines has been a pioneer, with its commuter-focused business model that caters to people looking for quick, cheap and painless flights from point to point” (Investopdeia, 2015). Innovation has been a key element since the birth of Southwest. Three of their biggest innovations are, leveraging one type of plane, the no frill boarding process and of…

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