Space Technology : The Advancement Of Space Travel To Mars

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Before the twentieth century, there was little opportunity that existed to explore Mars, except with astronomical observations and scientific knowledge. Within the last couple decades, however, advancements to technology have brought forth many new significant achievements in space exploration, making it possible to possibly send people to Mars. The advancement of space technology and space medicine made it a reality for humans to go to Mars. Space travel however comes with some challenges, these include bone and muscle loss due to the constant exposure to zero gravity, some cell damage from the cosmic radiation, and psychological and sociological issues from the constant isolation. A month long road trip across the United States with five other people in a car would be a little cramped and would most likely lead to everyone getting on each other’s nerves, but on the bright side, stops can be made for breaks, food, stretching, or even site seeing. On a 2-3 year trip to Mars however, there are no stops, or breaks for food, or stretching. One cannot open the window for some sort of fresh air or to relax. The trip to Mars will be one that will be very difficult to make, requiring certain attributes to overcome the problems that occur. Of all problems that one may experience in route to Mars and back, effects on the astronaut’s mind may be the most considerable risk factor of them all. A round trip to Mars would take about 2-3 years. The crew will most likely come across

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