Space Voyager 1 Research Paper

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Space is vast and for many years we have been trying to reach beyond the moon. Voyager 1 was launched on September 5th ,1977 by NASA. While today many investors are started to pour money into space exploration, such as Elon Musk, many problems that face space exploration are fuel consumption, making round trips and long distance travel. We colonized the west, the moon and now we should try to explore even further than that. The Voyager 1 finally left the solar system in august of 2012, this is the first time any manmade craft has left the solar system. Having these problems cause a setback from what we can really achieve as humans. Soon we will have the resources and technology to be able to overcome the fuel, and distance problems.
Space will
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While the many successful attempts were made during the cold war era such as the voyager 1 and 2 and post-challenger shuttle which was safer than its predecessor. “Originally it was 48, then 24, then 12. NASA seems reconciled to an even lower average annual rate (1989 was nine flights, 1990 was six, only seven are scheduled for 1991).” - Can Space Exploration Survive the End of the Cold War? Murray, Bruce. When stating why NASA has brought down the rate of flights to space. They also reduced the weight of the payload to about 50,000 pounds. With lots of success come lots of failures, such as the challenger exploding. Many projects were shut down in both the US and USSR whether for financial decisions or other ones the crafts were simply not ready for these new heights, both countries were not equipped technologically to take on this frontier. NASA deemed going to mars a Team Risk, “By highlighting the team risk inherent in a Mars mission, NASA has given teams researchers a puzzle to solve: How can we help ensure that a single-, four-, or six-person team can function seamlessly on an approximately 3-year mission to Mars (and back)? The team will certainly be multicultural and interdisciplinary, working in uncomfortable and dangerous conditions while at an extreme distance—up to 128 million miles—from component teams back on Earth (roughly the equivalent of 142 trips to the…show more content…
This is exciting because Elon Musk is hard at work finding a way to get to and terra-form mars to start colonizing the planet. Together all the countries can help with research and development into the round trips, less fuel consumptions, cheaper fuel, and larger processing in the ship’s computer. In the end humanity need to reach out to the depths of space for the sake of survival.
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