Speaking And Writing Based Language Teaching

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With Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) language teaching is accomplished through tasks which have a specified result or outcome. Further to that, students should be clear on the purpose of the task and the expected outcome. In TBLT, teachers define and guide the tasks and model the correct language forms however, student self-correction is desired. Evaluation is through task completion and presentation. With the use of TBLT, the types of tasks selected can be categorized as focused vs. unfocused (i.e. general or targeted learning outcome) and input-prompting vs. output-prompting (listening and reading vs. speaking and writing). Different learning levels would utilize different task categories. Tasks are also broken into phases: pre-task, task, and post-task activities. With TBLT, the learning goal is communication and understanding. Tasks may incorporate all language skills including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, i.e. the whole language approach. Most importantly, tasks should be true to life activities, something the learner would do in daily life. Grammar and vocabulary are outcomes of the task rather than direct teaching events. Task-based Language Teaching can be a very useful method in the creation of communicative competence for the students learning in this way. With TBLT, students spend a considerable amount of time in communication in the completion of the task—communication in which language is varied, meaningful, and natural. Also,
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