Using Convenience Sampling At School High School Level

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Twenty male teachers in different parts of Iran (mainly Lorestan Province) who teach English in junior high school level have been invited to partake in the current study. All the teachers hold BA, MA, and PhD in English and their age ranges from 24 to 60 years old. It should be pointed out that the participants in this study were selected using convenience sampling. 4.2 Instrument Semi-structured interview by the researcher was used in this study. This aims to identify and investigate criteria in assessing speaking in junior high schools in Iran and allow the teachers to express their views and opinions in detail with respect to how they assess speaking. 4.3 Data Collection Procedure To obtain what criteria teacher deem in assessing …show more content…

Eight categories were clarified by participants such as fluency, accuracy, pronunciation, …. This was done through common criteria teachers pointed out in the interview. To answer the question of the current study, the teachers were requested to name the criteria that they cared about as the main features of English speaking competence for assessment goals. Fluency was the most significant criteria specified by the teachers and as the major construct of speaking ability. Six of the participants indicated that they care about the grammar of students. Almost all the participants On the other hand, one participant had a different idea Accuracy was mentioned as one of the seminal features of a well-developed speaking. Some teachers gave weight to grammar to rate speaking. Being able to keep conversation going was deemed as important by few teachers. The specific criteria showed that the teachers put emphasis on the general communicative ability of speaking and meaningfulness of interactions. All the teachers did not mention any rating scale or rubric developed by other scholars. They also claimed that they had never participated in any training program or workshop with repect to rating and assessing speaking performance. The observed criteria defined by teachers were majorly linguistic knowledge, i.e. pronunciation (frequency: 26,

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