Special Education System Of Saudi Arabia

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Special Education System in Saudi Arabia Elementary, Secondary and Higher Education Abdulelah Alqahtani Shawnee State University Abstract This paper provides a brief background of the education system in Saudi Arabia and specifically describes the present types of programs and services offered within the country with respect to individuals with special needs. In addition, findings of an ongoing study about the attitudes of teachers and paraeducators towards the integration of children with special needs into regular schools. In fact, the paper will talk about special education services and programs for students with disabilities. The paper provides previous and current researches about the educational process in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the paper will discuss some of the issues that related to students with disabilities and their learning through the educational march Introduction Children who live with physical, sensory, intellectual, mental and multiple disabilities are amongst the most stigmatized and all too often marginalized within the family, school and wider community. The resulting poor education outcomes affect their opportunities and increase their vulnerability to violence, abuse and exploitation. People with disabilities in Saudi Arabia did not receive any type of special education services prior to 1958. The parents of students with disabilities were responsible for providing any assistance to their children (Al-Ajmi, 2006). Therefore,
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