Special Needs Child Book Report

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Jenna became a mother 18 years ago. Her first son, Daniel, was healthy and happy and reached milestones at normal times. He walked, talked and was just like any other baby. Just after he turned eighteen months old, everything changed. He lost the words he had learned and it seemed like the light had gone out in his eyes. He was soon diagnosed with autism. Since then, Jenna has taken on the role of the mother of a special needs child with acceptance and grace.
The website Autism speaks states that one in every 68 children and one in every 42 boys is diagnosed with autism. The rates are growing and there is no cure.
Daniel is now 18 years old and has three younger siblings. The family works together to care for Daniel in ways he can’t do for himself, but most of the work …show more content…

I have been an observer at church, watching them all care for Daniel. His sixteen year-old brother, Jimmy holds his hand and guides him wherever he needs to go. This is Jenna’s legacy; a family who loves each other and helps each other, even if it means changing an adult diaper.
All mothers worry about their children, but Jenna has a little more to worry about with Daniel. She says his future is a black hole and thus, tries not to think about it. Will he ever be able to live on his own or in a group home? Will she be his caretaker until she is gone? Her future and his future are intertwined. Will she be able to serve a mission with her husband? Go on retirement trips? All unknown.
Through it all, she loves Daniel, just like she loves her other children. They are her friends. They give her purpose and direction. They love her unconditionally. In the book Neighborhood Watch, by Cammie McGovern, the author writes, “This is what we do, my mother’s life said. We find ourselves in the sacrifices we make.” Jenna has found herself through the sacrifices she has made for

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