Specific Features Of Windows 8.1

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Specific features On windows 8.1 we can customize our backgrounds and colour of text. We can also have more than one app showing on the monitor. This makes It easier to switch to different applications.
Microsoft have their own security package called Microsoft essentials as well as windows defender. Microsoft essentials can scan your computer for potential malicious malware by either running a quick scan or full scan. You can also schedule a scan for example if you go on a lot of different sites to find information some could be infected with bugs. By having a scheduled scan you could set a scan every day, week or month. This then reduces the risk of any harm to your computer.
This therefore makes it a reliable and secure OS.

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Depending on what type of Apple product you have you may only be allowed to update to iOS 7.1 because it’s an old product e.g. iPhone 4. On MAC OS X we can customize the theme, background colours and where our icons go. Features on Mac OS X include. Multi-touch gestures. An example would be the pinching action we use to zoom in and out. This could be useful for people who are visually impaired.
One of the best features I personally think is being able to see what applications are running on your computer. You can close the ones you don’t want to use therefor saving battery and making your computer run faster.

Mac OS X has a built in security system which will scan you system for bugs or malware. It will automatically update security software. They have Gatemaker which makes it safer to download apps without installing malicious software. We also have privacy controls this can protect our location, blocking cookies and limiting website access. This all helps us to keep our data private and not shared with potential hackers.

Mac OS X seems a very safe OS to use as long as you update it regularly and look out for any issues.

Associated utilities Utilities we have available on windows 8.1 are Bing tool bar. This allows us to do quick searches on the web. It also has Windows phone app for desktop which allows anyone with a windows phone to sync there music and photos to the computer. This could be useful for backing up data. On iPhone products we have ICloud

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