Speech About A Mermaid

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Here’s my side of the story, to all of you who were wondering. I swear I’m not a ‘villain’ or whatever they call it these days. I used to be a normal girl just like her, beautiful locks of hair that flowed perfectly under the water, I had these eyes that glowed and sparkled just like the way the sun sparkles through the water. Not to brag, but I was pure perfection; until, a new little mermaid was born and started to grow up to be everything but a crawfish. I grew strong with envy and jealously, then I began to wonder for help. I came across this myth that said this powerful sea creature could turn me more beautiful than the sunset, so I took up the offer. Let’s just keep this scenario short and say that the creature was real and the creature was a very good liar. Well, you guys all know how I ended up looking… like the mean ole purple witch. I can see where I went wrong, and became extremely selfish, I left a detail out though, I was an incredible singer and so was the little mermaid. She stole the lead signer spot from me in the annual Under the Sea Show and this spot was suppose to get me into the University of Starfish, well she got it instead. That’s why my voice sounds the way it does, the evil set monster stripped every good thing I had. Now that you know the truth about what really went down in the year days, but storyteller have a way of switching things around making someones who's innocent look like she’s an actual crawfish. Ariel didn’t know I turned into

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