Speech About Fear

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What is fear? Is fear just a protection mechanism our brain creates when we encounter a problem? Would an example of fear be that I may be afraid my essay is going to be exactly like everybody else's? “Fear is the brain's way of saying that there is something for you to overcome.(Rachel Huber)” I believe in this quote Ms.Huber is trying to explain that when we encounter a problem we become worried that we are not going to do well at the task at hand, consequently we begin to fear the obstacle. Ordinarily we may let our fears prevent us from making choices we shouldn’t let them create a cage around us from all opportunities. Can fear have the power to hold you back from something you would metaphorically kill to do or have? Fear can be just a word to some and to others it could be the perfect word to describe life in their perspectives. Maya Angelou’s poem “Caged Bird” tells the perspective of two beings and how fear has an impact on their daily life. “Mother to Son”, a poem by Langston Hughes, discusses how you shouldn’t let fear hold you back from what you aspire to do, tough times create one to become tougher. People shouldn’t let other’s choices and opinions impact their own. You should choose your own path and your own decisions, as said in Robert Frost’s original poem “The Road Not Taken.” Fear should not be what makes you or you're decisions. Furthermore, you believe you can vanquish that fear it can make something terrifying seem harmless, however, if you do not you

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