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THE SPEECH ANALYSIS REPORT (Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model) In 2012, Cameron Russell, who has been a model for Victoria’s Secret and Chanel, and appeared on many magazines, gave speech about “Genetic Lotteries” and how it effected her life on TED. The main aim of this speech was to make people realize being a model was just a legacy from their ancestors and it didn’t always make them happy. Generally, I found her speech interesting but I thought sometimes she had difficulties in engaging to her topic. Firstly, the introduction was really nice. The speaker used her voice at exactly right level and made the listeners get interested and laugh a couple of times although she seemed really nervous at the beginning.…show more content…
She was constantly changing the subject and it was hard to understand the real problem: Was she unhappy because she gained all this money because of the legacy? Or because the fashion industry turned models into unconfident women? Or was it because little girls only dreamt about being super models?On the other hand, she mentioned 4 questions that she was being asked all the time which she explained clearly. After the question “Do they touch the photos?”, she answered and then showed her photoshopped pictures and regular pictures as the child she was at that time. This was really sincere; so personal and touching. She was using a great voice, trembling a little but easy to understand. Also she used her hands frequently and had a nice posture. To sum up, even if she had some problems with keeping up with her topic, she was quiet well. I had a lot of problems in the conclusion part, because it was really hard to understand that she was concluding. The ideas she was talking about were clear and she supported them as usual but it didn’t feel like they were really connected to her speech. Also she didn’t use any visuals in this part and even though it wasn’t really long, it would have been nice to see something on the screen. Her voice was loud and clear and her posture and eye contact were impressive. To sum up, I didn’t like her conclusion part because it wasn’t well connected to the speech and there were no visuals. To conclude, the speech of

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