Speech: Feed The Children

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Did you know that 20 percent of children in the United States under eighteen years of age are hungry? Consider for a moment the amount of money that you as a college student spend in a single day on food alone. Did you know that 1.3 billion people worldwide live on less than one dollar a day? Have you ever volunteered your time to help the hungry? When some students think of volunteering, they focus on the benefits that it brings to their standing in a school organization or the status it earns them on their résumé rather than thinking about how important it is to help those less fortunate than they are. However, even if people choose to ignore the hunger problem in our world, one organization has dared to bridge the gap between the impoverished and those unaware of these circumstances. That organization is Feed the Children. Though I don't volunteer often, I have been lucky enough to experience the fulfillment FTC workers experience every day when I volunteered once during Christmas for our church's annual Feed the Children stocking stuffing event. …show more content…

It could be as in-depth as spending a Saturday sorting food boxes, or as easy as putting a check in the mail. Now that we have taken an overall look at Feed the Children, I will conclude with a few final ideas. Today, I began by presenting to you the history of the Feed the Children organization and how it is divided into four functional divisions—medical, personal self-help, food provision, and emergency relief. I also shared several ways in which people, even busy college students, can get involved in this organization. Reflecting back on what I said in my introduction, it's easy to see what a big difference even one dollar used by FTC can make to someone who lives on only one dollar a day. As FTC stated in a press release: “Feed the Children isn't just an organization—it's people helping

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