Speech On Environmental Pollution

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Pollution is a big problem in this day and age. Some pollution comes from burning gas to fuel our cars or some other forms of pollution comes from volcanoes. Carbon dioxide is the main pollutant warming the earth. But if we start producing less carbon dioxide then the earth will heat up even more. I know it’s crazy right. Carbon dioxide can be produced by cars, planes, power plants, and many more activities that involve the burning of gas. Did you know that within the past 150 years we humans have produced the highest level of sulfur dioxide. Yes it’s true. When volcanoes erupt they produce sulfur dioxide which causes pollution but in this world today humans produce the most amount of sulfur dioxide. You might be asking yourself what are other humans doing to help prevent pollution? Well, some industrialized countries are trying to help prevent pollution a little bit more. But we can help them with that by driving/flying less or recycling more. So let’s throw our best efforts in to help save our atmosphere. The most polluted city in the world is Dehli, New York. Delhi, New York is so polluted that there is a little bit of a yellow tint in the sky. Matthieu Daley spent 5 days taking pictures all around Delhi and in his photographs you can see a little bit of yellow over the sky. We can see physical results of pollution in his photographs. No-one wants to have yellow skies so let’s throw in a helping hand and do more for the atmosphere.
There is actually water pollution

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