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Tu Shaheen Hai, Parwaz Hai Kaam Tera Tere Samne Asman Aur Bhi Hain (You are an eagle, flight is your vocation: You have other skies stretching out before you.) Allama Iqbal Srinagar,
5th of October, 2017 Dear good girls,

Confidence! We hear every other person talking of “confidence”,
“Self Confidence”, “Confidence & Courage” . . . What is confidence? Confidence means “to be sure,” “to believe in,” or “to have full trust.” self-confidence means something like “to have full trust in yourself” or “to believe in yourself.”
In the purest sense, confidence is knowing what you're good at, the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys that to others. “self-confidence […] has to do with beliefs about one’s general ability to handle situations and problems in the world.” So self-confidence describes the extent to which a person believes they can handle the world. If we make this more tangible, it means a self-confident person has the internal belief of “I can handle it.” On the other hand, a really unconfident person might think, “Oh my god I don’t know what to do . . .” A very important dimension self-confidence also includes “lack of anxiety,”. If we put the two together, then a self-confident person is somebody who goes through the world with the general belief of “Whatever comes, I can handle it.” Obviously, if you believe this about yourself, then there is no need to be afraid. Usually we are more confident in some situations and less confident in other situations.

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