Speech On Superstitions In Trinidad

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I. Attention Getter
A. By a show of hands, who here has gotten a little too loud, or had too much fun on New Years?
B. Well, by doing so, you may have protected yourself from evil spirits entering your home.
II.I’m Echo Clairday and Today I will tell you about three examples of Trinidad superstitions.
III. Credibility.
A. I have spent what felt like endless hours outside of class researching the superstitions of Trinidad. I went from website to website to find the most quality information, and have found a lot of interesting things.
B. Folklore and Superstitions have always interested me and I am happy to be sharing the new things I learned with everyone here today.
IV. Three main ideas of superstitions in Trinidad include Actions, Gardening & Farming, and Fishing.

(First, let me tell you about the meaning of your actions.)
In Trinidad and Tobago the actions you do are important because it can affect your future. A. There are certain things to avoid giving and taking in Trinidad
1. If someone passes a pepper or a knife to someone else, he will have an argument with that person.
To avoid this, set the item down for the other person to pick it up.
2. Do not pick up lost money as could possibly have evil spirits or worries attached to it. It’s your choice though.
3. Never give a lamp to someone if you have already used it. This is bad luck.
B. You can attract money with your actions
1. As found I found in The Trinidad and Tobago Folklore article on Global Road warrior, on

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