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Children, while developing their speech and communication skills, are often hard to understand; however, having a speech disorder, such as a stutter, on top of that may make it near impossible for anyone to understand what that child is struggling to say. Stuttering is just one of the many speech disorders that make children’s speech even harder to understand. Even sentences that might be a basic sentence to say might come out muffled, broken up, or distorted in some other way, if a child has a stutter or another speech deficiency. A speech-language pathologist is a professional, whose job it is to help correct and make these disorders less noticeable. Speech-language pathologists work closely with both kids and adults to help them to communicate better. They work closely with those who stutter to help make their stutter less noticeable so that they feel comfortable talk in situations. Children with the speech impediment of stuttering can improve their language by understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatments of this speech sound disorder. For a specific case, the precise cause of stuttering is usually unknown; however, there are many factors that contribute to stuttering. One reason that the cause, in some cases, cannot be pinpointed is that there are a wide variety of different factors that play a role in this impediment. Furthermore, a child may exhibit multiple factors, making it hard to decipher which factor is the main cause. The main causes result from genetic…

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