Spiritual Discernment Paper

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Abstract This paper presents a personal view of spiritual discernment and the process. The paper examines the importance of mainly career decision making, my view of the struggles and things that influence decisions. The paper first explores decision making factors that are very important to me based on the survey in the Horton (2009) article. I also explain my choice of discernment approach based on the factors that are important to me. I explain how I feel they related to the approaches explained in the Horton (2009) article. I reveal past experiences that influence my approach, and influence how I may career counsel someone. Personal Position After doing the survey in the Article, I found that the…show more content…
I feel a career choice may be something at first many are UN easy about and may feel could be making the wrong decision. I want peace from the Holy Spirit, I want the peace knowing this career decision is for me and with that I will find confidence. Along with a sense of peace from the Holy Spirit I also want signs from of Confirmation from God that this is the right decision. I feel most of us want those signs during the decision making process and it would be ideal to get confirmation then. I feel I must fully rely on God and the confirmation will come, I may get some signs that I am heading in the right direction but feel the true confirmation may not come for a while or after the decision is made. I also feel I need to be open to a sign from God not only confirming the decision but not confirming it as well. I feel recognizes and responding to the need of others is also a factor that is very important to me as well. I feel one can take the content of this question a few ways. Recognizing and responding to the need of others as far as what are my gifts and talents and how can I use them in a career that adds to others quality of life. The question can also be taken in a context of if I make this career choice how that affects my family, friends, church etc. As far as personal life and the career choice does this affect how I can respond
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