Spiritual Food of the Baroque Period

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The baroque period brought forth the most ornamented art of all time. The musical field grew parallel to the fields of painting and sculpture, all three categories experienced a dramatic increase in interest. Consequentially, the sudden flow of finances allowed the musicians to examine, modify, and renew their standards’ and methods. Baroque music quickly developed into a very individual style. During the nearly one hundred and fifty years that the Baroque period lasted the basic style did not change, in fact it was simple built upon. Francis Schaeffer advises us that the arts are ways to understand the society and politics of the past, given the distinct correlation between the art world and music world we can tell that the Baroque period was a time of peaceful renovation. The driving ideology of Baroque music was the need to communicate.
Baroque music has many characteristics that set it apart. Early baroque music uses extreme instrument contrast to create a dramatic emotional climax. Later musicians developed a method of succinctly building a climax. The other noticeable difference is the key instruments are tuned to. The quality of instruments has significantly increased since the Baroque period, to mimic the original sound of baroque pieces orchestras often tune their instruments down about half a key. Melody and harmony were emphasized across the board instead of in individual genres. Another key characteristic was the attitude of the composers, in desperation to

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