Sports Broadcasting Career Research Paper

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Introduction Preparing yourself for the future is important. Having an ideal profession planned out for yourself is needed. I want my future to go exactly how I have planned. I want to be a sports broadcaster. This is my goal and the profession that I have planned to be my job in the near future. Sports broadcasting is not the easiest job on the market. You have to look professional every day at work there are no lazy days. Pressure is on when you are in front of the camera everyone is watching you live on TV and you cannot stutter or mess up. Sports broadcasting requires you to know the sports that you are talking about and know the players as well as their history. Narration Sports broadcasting is a career where you are in front of a camera or in front of a crowd speaking about an athletic event. It is a job that…show more content…
I like to speak in front of people whether it is a big or small crowd. I am not camera shy at all. I feel like sports broadcasting would be a great career choice for me also because I love to dress up. I have no problem wearing make up and fixing my hair to look professional on a day-to-day basis. Sports broadcasting also requires a little bit of traveling and I really enjoy traveling no matter where. This job seems to fit me really well. I would be able to get paid doing something I love. Refutation/ confession The only downfall is I can think of to sports broadcasting is not being able to settle down in one spot with your family. It would be hard for me to attend my own children’s games if I am out broadcasting other games. I would be traveling frequently which would require me to not be home to raise my family. I do not yet have a family so now nothing is holding me back from achieving this goal. One day when I do eventually have a family this job might not be as practical but a news anchor would be in that is a very similar job.
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