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How would you assess the Bucks season this far? It’s been a roller coaster season for us so far, we’ll go on these four-game win streaks, then lose two or three in a row, we’re just having a problem with staying consistent now, we’re heading in the right direction, we’re learning we just have to be more consistent on a game-to-game basis. What do you think would help improve the consistency of the team? We're Just growing up, we’re all still young, I’m just 26 in my sixth season in the league, but our main guy Giannias just turned 23 so we’re going to be inconsistent at times trying to figure out how to develop great habits every day, it’s just a process we’re going through right now. We still have a great chance to have a good …show more content…

On the offensive end, it’s a matchup nightmare, you have centers trying to guard the guards, and guards trying to guard the center, it’s great for us. Do you think the League is headed in this direction, where players don’t have a defined position? I think it is If you look at the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavalries, two of the best teams in the league, their best line up is when LeBron James, and Draymond Green are playing center, so the NBA is definitely trending that way. Did you ever imagine that this style of play would take over the league? It was hard for me to see at first but you can see it’s working, the bigs are coming three point shooters instead of low post scorers, but I this it’s a great thing for the League it’s more exciting to watch so I’m a fan of it. Do you think the NBA will ever go back to having their bigs play with their back to the basket as opposed to facing the basket? I think it could when you see how dominate Joel Embiid is I think eventually it’ll trend back there. The NBA is full of young players, what do you think about Ben Simmons and the way he’s developed? I think he’s a great player, unfortunately, last year he was hurt so he had to sit out, he used that as a redshirt year where he can sit back and watch the NBA, how he can affect the game, and how he can fit in with his team. I think he’s a great player that can do many things on the court. I think after LeBron hit his decline or

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