Sports Injuries : Is It Worth The Hit?

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Athletes everywhere suffer from some kind of injury at some point of their athletic career. There are a variety of injuries and they can range from minor to severe. In many circumstances the recovering process can take a toll on the body. In severe cases, usually those pertaining to the head, the results from such injuries can be not only physically but psychologically. The 2 main injuries that will be covered throughout this paper will touch the surface of a few problems an athlete can endure throughout their tenure. Head injuries are the most severe type an athlete can come across with most of them consisting of concussions. These concussions can lead to a variety of issues. Also, an athlete can endure many types of knee injuries. These injuries can consist of either sprains or tears to ligaments. The ligaments that are affected consist of the lateral, medial, posterior, and anterior cruciate ligaments. Sports Injuries: Is it worth the hit? In every sport, an athlete’s health plays a vital role in the manner in which he or she participates in it. Over time the body can take a toll, which can lead to sudden symptoms or even some that are not noticed until much later in life. The manner in which an athlete responds to this can vary in many circumstances. This paper goes through the various injuries an athlete can come across and the effects each one can have. Symptoms can be physical and even psychological which can lead to the question: Is it worth the hit?
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