Sports Media Changing the Sports Industry

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When looking back at historical sporting moments, the impact ESPN has made on sports, sports media and the sports industry as a whole can’t be overlooked. On September 7th 1979 ESPN launched their flagship show, SportsCenter. This moment in sports media history was a game changer for the way fans consume sports. It is amazing that back in 1979, the concept of watching highlights and footage of games when they were happening or just completed was unfathomable for most people. The moment SportsCenter aired, sports marketing and media was altered to a 24/7 industry that has continued to grow to its current place as a trend leader in society. One sporting moment in particular for myself, was the launch of ESPN360 back in 2002. This provided fans the first broadband network that they could catch live streams or recaps of different events from mainstream (NCAA tournament) and obscure (Bassmaster Elite). Change for the fans is seen with so many media platforms popping up that impact the fan experience from consumer to consumer.

A historical sporting moment involving an athlete, was in the 1970’s when Coke marketed their product with Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle “Mean” Joe Green. These advertisements defined a sports industry as being accessible to the public and really resonated with consumers of both the beverage industry as well as the sports industry. The Internet has impacted the fans greatly over the years. Internet provides sports companies with a way to
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