Sports and Fitness Center

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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION/ BACKGROUND “Sport means all forms of physical activity which, through casual and organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels.” Despite the volume of evidence indicating the benefits of sports and regular physical activity for health and functioning, people with disabilities are far less likely to engage in physically active lifestyles than are people without disabilities. Promoting moderate levels of physical activity among people with disabilities is an important goal for public health and public policy, as regular physical activity improves…show more content…
b) Conduct studies about basic configuration, space planning, and distinct elements on the sport and fitness facilities. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS SCOPE OF THE STUDY The study will focus on new design strategies and technologies intended for the differently-abled people that will match on their needs and characteristics with the suitable sports and fitness facility that will help in the extension of their capabilities. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY In the study of the researcher, sports complex facilities such as stadium, soccer field, and baseball field are not included. The study may limit to gather data like conducting case studies from far locations due to financial constrictions and because of the low budget allocation. The study may also limit to gather data of research due to time constrictions and incapability of some agencies to present necessary data and information that may also affect the coverage of the study. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study will introduce new design criteria that could architecturally contribute to the people with disabilities in determining their identity. The study is important because it could create an appropriate facility in sports and fitness activities that could help in attaining the highest level of their abilities. ASSUMPTIONS To the attainment of this project the government and public agencies such as Philippine Sports Association National Council for the Welfare
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