Spring Thesis Reflection

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Due to each dance having a different choreographer, the style of each dance differed from the rest, creating a sense of wonder and excitement as to what the next piece would bring. This was amplified due to the fact that between each part of the performance, the theater went completely dark as the next group of dancers made their way to their positions. In particular the difference in style between the first piece and the second piece stood out in the way the performers moved. In the first piece, Attachment Behavior, the movements were very sharp and stiff. On the other hand, the second piece, Here is Not There, consisted of more fluid, carefree movements such as one dancer dragging another across the stage and sitting on a bench. Furthermore, the second piece also used the voices of both the dancers and the choreographer who sat in the audience. This back and forth interaction showed another contrast in style and provided a less serious tone to the performance. It was also interesting to see the use of voices, like one of the videos from class, but with a slight twist that made the audience feel like they were involved in the performance. In addition to this, the second performance also utilized another concept from class, negative space, in a unique way. The dancers used two benches to create different shapes for them to move through, under, and…

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