St. Augustine 's Confessions

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St. Augustine’s Confessions has often been referred to as a book undertaking the subject of conversion. Throughout Augustine of Hippo’s life he underwent several conversions so it is unsurprising that those experiences influenced his books. Although he was baptized as a Christian at birth, he rejected Christianity until his final conversion at age thirty. After his conversion and eventually beginning a monastic life he became the most important theologian in Christian history until the Reformation. His Confessions was the first spiritual autobiography, and is said to represent humanities struggle to find the divine, though the triumphant ending of man discovering the divine is anticipated from the beginning. Augustine began his religious life as a Manichaeist, joining them when he was only seventeen and staying in that religion for nine years. However he could not find the answers he sought with the Manichaeists, so he moved to Rome and then on the Milan where he became involved with Neoplatonism. However he was still unable to find answers to his questions or freedom from his sins. It was not until he met Bishop Ambrose that his life was changed. He gained a greater understanding of the Bible and the letters of St. Paul made an impact on him. One early hesitation in his desire to convert was that he would have to give up his mistress, which did not consider himself ready to do. However in 384 he had a great mystical experience, he was in his garden when he heard a child’s
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