St. Gregory On God And Jesus

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God created us through his image, but as human kind continues to change, the connection between us and God breaks because of sin. In On God and Christ from St. Gregory’s point view, is the same but he approaches it by searching the next step when connecting back to God. On page 30, he states “The next step to take is to look at ourselves and to smooth the theologian in us, like a statue, into beauty”. Therefore, what does it mean to smooth the theologian in us? To smooth the theologian in us is by self-discovering and looking what is our true calling by the purification of the soul. When an artist is making a statue, he or she starts off with a ball of clay that does not look every appealing. The main reason that many artist scruple things from clay is because to look the beauty that is within. When St. Gregory states, “ like a statue, into beauty”, is a smilie when he states “smooth the theologian in us”. Therefore, many people need to know if their calling is to be theologian, but for other people is not. On page 26, in the …show more content…

Afterwards, St. Gregory states whom is for theology: “Those for whom it is a serious undertaking, not just another subject like any other for entertaining

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