St Helen Compare And Contrast

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Compare And Contrast Mt St Helen May 18th, 1980 the erosion rose 80,000 feet making ash go to 11 U.S states making snow, ice, and glaciers melt forming volcanic mud slides that reached as far as the columbian river (50 miles to the south east) 57 people died in washington. Flint Beecher Tornado June 8th, 1953 caused 116 fatalite and 844 injuries. It rate as and F5. The sky was “ black-yellow-green” color. After leaving beecher the tornado went east- northeast path following the south path of the flint river the river the tornado stayed On the ground for 27 miles. A monument was built with the victims in beecher near beecher high school. The tornado remains the single most deadliest tornado to occur in Michigan. It remained the single most

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