St. Jessica's Urban Medical Center Case Study

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To : The Board of Directors, St. Jessica's Urban Medical Center
From : The Firm consultant
Date :
Subject : Implementation of the new performance program
Correction measures need to be implemented to make it possible for the effective working of performance programs within St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center. From the launch of the program, some steps need to be followed systematically to ensure effective implementation of any program. The range of processes includes the designing of a communications plan; an appeals process; raters are also be involved in training programs, and there is also the need to pilot test the program so that you are in a position to fix any glitches that my present in the program.
Designing a communication plan has some objectives that it is to be achieved. The plan is set to assess how the program that is to be implemented within the organization is to fit in the whole strategy that is employed by the organization under discussion. The benefits that are associated with implementing the strategy are also to be discussed. The roles of the
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There shall be the elimination of the impact posed by intentional rating errors. The cognitive biases usually have an effect on how people receive information, use the same information and recall such pieces of information. It is equal to note that by setting up the appeals process, there shall be a significant increase in the support of performance management systems. The two levels of an appeals process need to be designed i.e. Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 of the appeals process usually involves the Human Resource (HR) as the mediator. Level 2 of mediation shall involve peers and the managers and an arbitrator who is usually a senior-level-manager who also sums up as a final decision maker in the
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