Stabbling: The Top Homicide in the United Kingdom Essay

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Stabbing is the most common cause of homicide in the United Kingdom. Stabbing can be caused by so many objects, for example steak knives, scissors, screwdrivers, broken glass bottles and so on. The individual characteristics of these instruments create specific features when they penetrate a surface of fabrics and skin. When examining textile damages, two common techniques are considered i.e. macroscopically (with the naked eye) and microscopically examining the area that might have possible damages to the fabric. Also, looking at the characteristics of the area to discover whether the textile has been torn, punctured, cut etc... When examining textile damages, such information like the size of the knife blade and the types can be …show more content…

Deliberate lateral, forward, or backward movement of the weapon during its withdrawal from the body tends to widen the wound, and the length will be more than the maximum width of the blade. If the instrument is thrust in, and is then completely withdrawn with the cutting edge dragging against one end, it would be extended superficially, producing a tail. • Width: If examining so may stab wounds in the body, the length and the width of the knife blade can be known. By examining multiple stab wound in the body, the length and width of the knife blade can be determined approximately. The maximum possible width of the knife blade can be approximately determined if the edges of a gaping wound are brought together. Elasticity or laxness of the skin can change the width by one to two millimeters. A stab wound inflicted when the skin is stretched will be long and thin, which becomes shorter and broader when the skin is relaxed. The opening may be enlarged by backward, forward or a lateral movement of the weapon. In a recent local court case, the identity of the purported murder weapon was questioned when the length of a stab-cut in a shirt was less than the width of the alleged weapon at the determined depth of penetration. It was postulated by the prosecution that this result was due to stretching of the fabric of the shirt. There are many variables which can be expected to affect the length of a stab-cut dimension in a garment. among them are the degree of stretch of

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