Stages Of Culture Shock

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Culture Shock is what many would identify as a tremendous change to a person who moved from their country to another, their native language is not spoken, and the surroundings are unfamiliar, resulting in mixed emotions (Haynes, 2005). Educational Assistant (EA) must acknowledge and understand the impact of culture shock on students. EA's must be patient and perceive this move to a new country can be frightening, overwhelming, and also exciting.
According to (Hayne, 2005) some children can lash out or withdrawal from studies because it is an excessive amount to consume. Moreover, some children do not gain the support from home as their parents could also be experiencing culture shock as well and are additionally, ESL learners. It is significant knowing how to handles such situations, so we can provide proper resources to the students and families. Understanding the effects of culture shock can be an important attribute to a child's learning outcome. With having an empathetic attitude towards their situation could help make the transition easier. Stages of Culture Shock
There are many different stressors ESL learners will endure during the arrival to a new country. Most, but not all ESL learners will have different ways of learning and coping with culture shock. According to (Haynes, 2015) there are four stages experienced by new immigrants and some take longer than others to progress through these stages which include;

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