Stages of Child Development

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Webster’s dictionary defines teaching as: “one that teaches; especially: one whose occupation is to instruct.” However, teaching is so much more than that, it is the ability to instruct future generations yes, but also to aid in the development of the student in all aspects. Some students have a harder time developing the whole person, meaning that they have a harder time developing the physical, cognitive, and emotional-social parts of themselves all at the same time and pace. A student observation of a typical 2nd grade classroom was completed and one child stood out among the rest in his setting in both of their characteristics and stages of development. In order to protect the rights of the student, for the length of this paper, the…show more content…
He ate lunch in the cafeteria and seemed almost tired when he returned to the classroom. Once he could relax, James’ characteristics seemed more on the usual side. Another big aspect in a child’s development is the cognitive side. This shows more of the academic promise of a student and their learning ability as opposed to their physical or social development. In the case of James, it was unclear at first of whether he was capable of completing the material given to him. During “solo time” when the children are required to do the individual work of the day assigned by the teacher, James was not completing the task at hand but rather taking out a book he was reading for fun and read that instead. The teacher had to constantly come over to his desk and give him baby steps in order to complete the necessary assignment. Each time he finished one of the minor and specific steps given to him by the teacher the book he was not supposed to be reading at that time came out and he began to read that instead of continuing with the task given by the teacher. When only observing the student for a very short period of time one might think that James is not up to the cognitive level of all of the other children on the early stages of Piaget’s concrete operational stage. However, once someone is working very individually with James and keeping him on the appropriate tasks and giving him the attention necessary he excels
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