Stakeholder Analysis of the Affordable Care Act

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Stakeholder Analysis According to Roy, 2013 the issues of providing the affordable care act will unite both the supporters and offenders of the public policy, but in this current situation where the input costs are rising, it will become impossible for government in managing the public policy related to affordable health care. In order to provide affordable health care, majority of the US government has tried out different policies time to time, but unable to get success in realizing the actual policy goals. By providing the affordable health care to majority of the people who requires more amount as controlling the input cost is not possible (AAMC, 2013). Lack of doctors is one of the primary issue in providing high quality health care to…show more content…
This can demand for some additional health cess to the taxpayers to some extent, the same cannot be added with the government health fund. In this case, government can also issue both interest free and tax free bonds to public for raising funds which will provide for tax saving to the taxpayers. In this case, there will be no interest burden on the government requirements for doubling the health insurance and the amount of compensation will be fixed by government are not sufficient for the holders of health insurance. It will be better if government is including all the citizens within the ambit of the general health insurance. Following is the plausibility graph. Analysing the stakeholders is actually useful in making prediction about both profit and losses that are associated with people with some particular policy. This analysis is a systematic process in which all information are gathered in a systematic manner and these information are qualitatively analyzed in order to determine as whose interest amount should be considered while developing the or in policy or program implementation. Similarly, the stakeholder’s analysis will yield for more accurate and useful information about the health care reforms. This information can also be used for providing the input for the analysis and
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