Standardized Testing At The United States

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Standardized testing in the United States has gained a tremendous amount of attention since its original debut all around the country. It has become a fundamental part of the modern education in the United States, at this point there is probably no student who hasn’t taken a standardized test in the U.S. Standardized tests are practically used to judge how well a student is learning and how well a teacher is providing students the information that they need. As much as these tests are useful to schools and universities, they do have many problems, namely: a lack of value in the content being tested and taught, stifling creativity and imagination in classroom, and these exams have become an end instead of a means to an end.
Lately there has been a lack of value in what is being tested and taught due to the pressure that standardized tests put on all the students and teachers. Teachers have been teaching the test instead of the material and it has been causing future problems to the students, in which the students aren’t learning what they should be. Learning to take the test is a strategy taught outside schools as much as inside, and is one of the reasons why it is one of the reasons for which there has been a lack of value in the information students are gaining from learning the tests. Standardized tests make it possible to compare students, their schools and districts all for the sake of ranking them from best to worst. In some cases, as it is for the ones ranked highly in…
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