Standards Of Care And Emergency Preparedness Essay

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10/15/16 – Standards of Care and Emergency Preparedness Unit 1 The nursing professional of today, have come a long way in achieving the Standards of Care (SOC), participating in the decision making of policies. Ethics learning according to the Code of Ethics should be practiced with every patient you come in contact with, advocating and providing the right treatment for your patients. This unit was informative about the Standards of Care, which is an important guideline for the nursing profession to follow. Standard of care gives a direct instruction of what is required of each member. Studying this unit have given me a better understanding of what is expected of nursing professional in our many different roles. There was a surgical nurse responsible for counting and retrieving all of the sponge during the surgery. However, one sponge was left in the patient, causing a major infection. In this case SOC wasn’t followed by the surgical nurse or the surgeon. Focusing on the many different roles forces me to reflect on how external and internal standards should be followed no matter what the situation. After reading the many different cases, about court ruling when the standards of care were being cross examined, these cases are a real eye opener to how important it is to follow the guidelines for your organization and the board of nursing. After completing the simulation in the Riverbend City of ethics, emergency preparedness, made me realize how important it is prepared for
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