Stanley Kubrick: The Paths Of Glory

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Stanley Kubrick was born on July 26th, 1928 in Manhattan to Jacob and Sadie Kubrick. At the age of 12, his father taught him how to play chess, which became a fascination and he would later incorporate it into many of his films. The next year, his father gave him a camera, which prompted a passion for photography; he later became an official school photographer for a year in high school. However, he didn’t do well academically and earned a D average. (Zimmerman). Kubrick later said, "I never learned anything at school, and I never read a book for pleasure until I was 19" (Agel). His inadequate grades were probably not helped by his very poor attendance from frequently skipping class to see movies. However, it was around this time he met the…show more content…
Schary knew of the book and told Harris and Kubrick that MGM would not be making another war film at that time as they had just backed The Red Badge of Courage, a film about the Civil War. However, Schary was soon fired and Kubrick and Harris managed to talk Kirk Douglas into joining the film. This film turned out to be Kubrick’s first tangible taste of success and was also where he met his third and final wife, Christine Harlan. Harlan and Kubrick married in 1958 and were together until his death. They had two children together, Anya in 1959 and Vivian in 1960. Harlan also had one daughter previously, Katherina, born in…show more content…
This is seen by some as a transitional period for Kubrick, “marking the turning point from a naturalistic cinema (Paths of Glory, Spartacus) to the surrealism of the later films” (Youngblood). This was also where he was introduced to the range and improvisation skills of Peter Sellers. However, Lolita was quite controversial and Kubrick was forced to deal with censorship and ultimately had to remove much of the eroticism between the title character and Humbert, the middle-aged professor. The film was not a critical or financial success and Kubrick later said if he knew that he would have to deal with such severe censorship, he probably wouldn’t have made the
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