Starbucks 's Diversity : Starbucks

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Each time a customer gets a mug of coffee from any of Starbucks’ outlets, which happens millions of times in a week, the experience and the interaction is always unique. These daily interactions create a strong connection between Starbucks and millions of its customers worldwide. The company has done a lot to honor this connection with the customers by engaging in a great commission of delivering quality coffee and thus, gaining popularity and global recognition both in the local and the international arenas. The company has engaged its customers and diverse communities in a responsible business that has facilitated sharing of great coffee globally. This paper analyses the Starbucks’ diversity mechanisms in terms of product lines, market access, branch diversification, and employee biodiversity as key features of the success story of the company since its inception in 1970s in Seattle. Starbucks Company majors in the purchase, roasting and supply of high quality, diversified coffee products and earns the admiration of many coffee lovers in the world. In their chain of coffeehouses, the diversified product line has greatly intensified demand among the rich in the society. Coffee lovers always insist on Starbucks coffee since they cherish their quality products coupled with genuine service that constitutes of superbly brewed cup of expertly roasted and rich coffee. The company supplements the coffee offered with other niceties that accompany the coffeehouse experience.

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