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StarTeam Delainah E. Borgonia American Public University System StarTeam StarTeam is a change management system that was developed by a company named Micro Focus. The systems main intent is to support an enterprise that can service anyone no matter where they are located. This system is mainly used in my organization as a software development tracking tool that allows you to track the software development lifecycle through the StarTeam Change Request Workflow process. It also allows the program managers and system developers the ability to collaborate on projects and track the change management. Workflow is a term used to describe by which members of an organization completes difficult tasks or projects. This process allows …show more content…

All change request in StarTeam are controlled by a workflow. The workflow allows users to track the progress of any change request from when it is entered into StarTeam, to when it is closed. Each department that has a role to perform on the change request is reflected by the “Air Force Change Request Status” of the change request. Upon logging into StarTeam the first thing you see is a listing of projects broken out by system name. When clicking on a project, the main window that pops up is the Cross-Platform Client also known as the project view window. The Content Perspective view is the default view that you see when you open the Cross-Platform Client. On the Cross-Platform Client view is a series of Menus from the folder tree, upper pane, component tabs, and lower pane, and information tabs. The most important menu we use is the Upper Pane menu that consist of a list of items associated with the folder that is displayed in the folder tree. Even though each folder can contain items of different types of projects, the upper pane displays only one type of data at a time. This is where we are able to see where in the workflow process our project is currently at. The Enterprise workflow process starts at the status of “Enter”. This is a system status that is invisible to the user. The user is automatically advance to “New” for standard workflow or “Technical Analysis” for maintenance workflow. Under the “New” status the change request is imported from

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